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Best Free Online Courses for students

Free education is not a new concept. Parts of China and India have free primary and secondary education and even the paid ones are heavily subsidized by the government. But higher education courses are rarely free and this is where some new age media is making a difference. Just as MIT shares its teaching principles with the world, there are many colleges and universities that are giving away free lectures to anyone who has a good internet connection. The cost of education has gone down to zero and it cannot get any better. Scoop them up while they are still free, accessible and have no strings attached.

Youtube has an education channel which features around 146 universities and colleges and their online lectures. Itunes University restricts this to a few countries, but still reaches out to students in different ways through their many platforms. Academic Earth is a more distilled version of Youtube’s offering with just a few universities making it to the editor’s pick. Between these channels, any student can learn any subject with a little investment in terms of time. These courses are also useful for students thinking of applying or switching to a particular program. While some colleges offer seminar courses and allow students to sit in lectures before taking admissions, this media works for remote and future students.

Amongst the largest contributors to online education is the IIT/IIS network of colleges in India under the aegis of NPTEL HRD. Not a very attractive brand name to be recognized by students, but the sheer size of the database is good enough to give all the other universities are run for their virtual money.


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